Samantha Masters and Super Sweet And Sexy will be travelling to every major city near you, providing entire event concepts and fashion entertainment for any special themed event!

Currently, we are developing a team of Promotional Models and Go-Go Dancers who symbolize the essence of the Super Sweet And Sexy brand. These lovely ladies will promote the clothing line while participating in bar & club events, fashion shows, bikini contests, trade shows, charity events, car shows, and other themed events!

The Super Sweet And Sexy Starz always arrive dressed to impress, representing the clothing line with eye-catching beauty and playful personalities! Hire our team of Promotional Models and Go-Go Dancers to add glamour and excitement to any special event!

With extraordinary style and electrifying sex appeal, the Super Sweet And Sexy Starz will ensure that you have unique and memorable moments by providing sensational fashion entertainment and superior eye-candy for your special evening! These glamour gals thrive on being in the spotlight, and will gladly take pictures with all of your guests throughout the night, while dancing and mingling to make sure everyone is enjoying the party!

All the best photos from each event will be featured in the EVENTS section!

Are you feeling Super Sweet And Sexy?!


CUSTOM DESIGNS! Any colour, fabric, style, sparkles, paints, etc!★


I now create special bikinis and outfits for individuals, clubs, events, holidays, contests, parties, companies, bands, and groups! Any sizes, shapes, styles, detailing, colours, or fabrics! Please contact me for full details! Samantha@SuperSweetAndSexy.ca


I now create personalized T-shirts, tank tops, booty shorts, bikinis, and other SSAS merchandise for you and/or your company! Please contact Samantha@SuperSweetAndSexy.ca for full details! Wholesale rates available!

★ HOST YOUR OWN SSAS LINGERIE PARTY! Now only $200 for a limited time!

Now you can host your very own Super Sweet And Sexy P-A-R-T-Y-! Join Samantha in hosting a very special lingerie party in the comfort of your own home and/or club! Invite all your favourite friends to your own personalized SSAS event! Party package includes: * 1 photographer and Samantha Masters to host the party! * 1 portable clothing rack containing various styled outfits/bikinis/etc! Pre-choose the outfits and sizes of your choice for your party! Try on all of them, take photos, and have fun! * 1 complimentary 2 piece outfit or bikini of your choice! * 5 pink boas (more than 5 costs extra)! * 5 tiaras or bunny ears (more than 5 costs extra)! * 5 SSAS stickers or magnets (more than 5 costs extra)! * All guests at your party receive 15% off everything they purchase! * Book 1 month in advance, and receive a 10% discount!


Samantha Masters is currently seeking booking agents for Super Sweet And Sexy events throughout Ontario! Please inquire for more details! Samantha@SuperSweetAndSexy.ca


Do you see potential in Samantha Masters and the Super Sweet And Sexy brand? I am currently accepting offers and loans from various financial investors, relating to both the merchandise and event bookings! If you would like to inquire about any upcoming opportunities and to set up a meeting, please contact Samantha@SuperSweetAndSexy.ca


Would you like to get paid cash for helping Samantha sell the SSAS merchandise?

* Receive 10% of the profits on sold items that are your personal sales both online or in person! * Get royalties per referral! * Promote SSAS and receive huge discounts for wholesale purchases & on-consignment contract opportunities! * Become recognized as an official SSAS Brand Ambassador, and receive your very own promotional profile on the SSAS website! * Sign the SSAS Brand Ambassador Contract, and start making your sales today!


★ PHOTOSHOOT PACKAGE! Only $100 for a limited time!

This includes your very own Super Sweet And Sexy outfit of your choice (2 piece outfit or bikini), 2-3 hours of shooting time with a SSAS photographer, all raw images in sample format, and 5-10 retouched images within 3 weeks! You will also be allowed a 2nd outfit from your own wardrobe, to change into for the shoot. All the retouched images wearing your SSAS outfit will be featured on the SSAS website, and may be used for other promotional material pertaining to SSAS! This is your chance to create unique and stylish photos that will look fabulous in your personal portfolio! Even if you have no experience in modelling, we can help you to look and feel like the star that you are! Contact Samantha now to book your SSAS shoot! *


I now provide AMAZING discounts for models and photographers who wish to use any of my Super Sweet And Sexy merchandise to create beautiful images! Please inquire ASAP - I am looking for several talented individuals who have the potential to create such fabulous photos that I could use for the SSAS online store, promotional material, catalogue, calendar, and other printwork! ** 40%-50% discounts!! ** I must receive 5-10 quality retouched images that feature the SSAS design clearly and attractively from various angles. These images MUST be received within 3 weeks from the time of the clothing purchase.

If I really love the results, I may request you for future opportunities and freebies! *


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